Here are a few ways you can help out:

  1. Contribute information (guidelines below).
  2. Share this site with your friends, and encourage them to contribute.
  3. Link to this site from your own website/blog.
  4. Send me email, and complain, compliment, offer ideas, or just say hi.
  5. Send me some reed money.

Contributing information

If you have reliable information about a show, please share it! I will list you as a contributor on that show’s page, unless you let me know that you prefer to remain anonymous.

You can submit the information by leaving a public comment on the individual show’s page, or by sending me an email. Please indicate your sources if at all possible (personal experience, print sources, web links…). I will incorporate relevant information into the show’s listing as appropriate, and leave a comment myself to indicate that I have done so.

Here are some kinds of information that are really valuable:

When submitting instrumentation information, please be as clear and specific as you can: if the book calls for recorder, which size of recorder is it? Pennywhistle in which key? Does the book require an extended-range instrument such as a bass clarinet with low C, a baritone saxophone with low A, a flute with low B footjoint, etc.?

If you are commenting on a specific book, please make sure you indicate which one.

Here are some kinds of information that are less valuable. If you leave these in the comments, I’ll be lenient-ish but will moderate at my discretion. Ask yourself: is this information useful to someone else?

I will definitely delete comments suggesting unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material:

Thanks in advance for your contributions!