Frequently Asked Questions

The show I’m looking for isn’t listed or is incomplete. Do you have information about it that you are hoarding for some reason?


Can you send me the sheet music? I’m the kind of person that demands that people on the internet send me things.

No. I do not have it. In nearly all cases, the performance sheet music or “books” are only available by rental from the publisher. If you find scans on the web somewhere, they are almost for sure in violation of copyright law. I don’t want to hear about it, and I am unable to post bail.

Where do you get your information? Have you played all of these shows?

A lot of it comes from the websites of the publishers of these shows or from web searches and is readily available to the public. Even better, some of the information comes from shows that I have indeed played, or has been sent to me by other woodwind doublers.

How accurate is all of this?

Definitely less than 100%, but hopefully above 90%. Errors come two main sources: mistakes or ambiguities on publishers’ websites, and data entry errors on my part. I depend on email from alert doublers to correct inaccuracies.

Can I link to this? I don’t understand how the internet works.

That isn’t a question you have to ask. It’s a World Wide Web. You may freely link to this or to anything else you wish on literally any website. If people don’t want their content linked to, then they should not put it on the internet.

Why is your listing different from the production I played in or attended?

Shows are often available in more than one version, or with alternate scorings. Individual productions may also make their own adaptations. If you have reliable information on a published alternate version of a listed show, be sure to drop me an email and I’ll include it.

Why do you bother listing shows that have no reed books?

If I don’t list them, visitors to my site might think that they are simply missing from the list. By listing them, I make it clear that I (or a contributor) have researched them and that they just don’t use woodwinds.

How can I help?

Visit the Contribute page for information.

How do I get a cool picture of myself next to comments I leave?

Get a “gravatar.”

Can you give me career advice?

I have been known to try on occasion. Be advised that I make my primary living as a college woodwinds professor, not as a performing musician. If you ask, you accept all liability for my advice turning out to be lame or becoming a blog post.