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Annie Get Your Gun

  1. Piccolo, flute
  2. Oboe, English horn, clarinet
  3. Flute, clarinet, alto saxophone
  4. Clarinet, alto saxophone
  5. Clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone


  1. Scott Porreca says:

    This is current rental version of the 1999 revision by Peter Stone. The rental is listed as “Annie Get Your Gun (Stone).” It doesn’t look like the 1999 Broadway production you have listed is available for rental.

    In this version Reed 3 is mostly clarinet with some alto and very little flute.

    • Bret Pimentel says:

      Thanks. I have updated this listing to indicate that it is the current rental, and edited the other to be just the 1999 Broadway version. Unless someone can provide more info, I’m assuming this rental is an edited version of the 1999 orchestration, probably altered to have fewer/easier doubles.

  2. Brent Croushorn says:

    Can anyone tell me the approximate percentage of oboe/english horn to clarinet in the reed 2 book. It helps me decide which player to recruit.


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