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  1. Piccolo, flute, clarinet, soprano saxophone, harmonica
  2. Piccolo, oboe, English horn, clarinet, alto saxophone
  3. Piccolo, flute, E-flat clarinet, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
  4. Clarinet, bassoon, baritone saxophone


  1. Michael Ybarra says:

    I would like to request if you could list the Reeds for the CD of the 1991 Original cast recording, or at least confirm if the 2004 revival ones you listed are basically the same.

  2. Rhonda Rhodes says:

    Can anyone give me details about the piccolo parts in books 2 and 3?

    • Mike Serban says:

      I played a run of this show a while back, on reed 3… I think there were only two or three brief spots with piccolo, but nothing too crazy. If I remember the breakdown correctly, reed 3 is mostly an even mix of clarinet,tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, with enough flute and Eb clarinet to get them out of the cases… piccolo had the shortest time used in the show for that book.

      I don’t know about the piccolo parts in reed 2, though

  3. Brian Marsh says:

    Anyone have advice on the harmonica? Is it diatonic or chromatic, and if diatonic, which key harmonica is used?

  4. Justin says:

    The Reed 4 Book inexplicably contains low F#’s, G’s, and G#’s in several places throughout the book. Yes, these are below the low-A most modern Bari’s are capable of playing.

    Note: This orchestration appears either the same or similar to the Original Broadway score, but perhaps it should have its own listing. Cover of rental parts says it is from a 1990 Off-Broadway production, with revisions made in 2004.

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