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Chorus Line, A

  1. Piccolo, flute, alto flute, clarinet, alto saxophone
  2. Piccolo, flute, E-flat clarinet, clarinet, bass clarinet [to low C], alto saxophone
  3. Oboe [or clarinet], English horn [or clarinet], clarinet, tenor saxophone
  4. Flute, clarinet, contrabass clarinet in E-flat, bassoon [or clarinet AND contrabass clarinet in E-flat], baritone saxophone


  1. Updated per information received from Merlin Williams

  2. Merlin says:

    An update – the earlier info I shared was the touring book.

    The Reed 4 book on the rental edition is:

    Flute (alt. clarinet)
    Bassoon (NO alternate provided)
    Contrabass Clarinet (alt. bassoon)
    Bari Sax

    And just for interests sake, here’s a time lapse of the first 90 minutes of so of the show, in 2:32.

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