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Damn Yankees

  1. Piccolo, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone
  2. Piccolo [optional], flute [optional], clarinet, alto saxophone
  3. Oboe [optional], English horn [optional], clarinet, tenor saxophone
  4. Clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon [optional], tenor saxophone
  5. Clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon [optional], baritone saxophone


  1. Updated per information received from Wayne Suhey

  2. Wes Habley says:

    When you indicate (optional) does that mean that the part is covered in one of the non-optional instruments in each book?

    I am also interested in learning if the instruments are in order of prominence in the book. That is, is the clarinet the most prominent instrument in books 4 and 5?

    • Bret Pimentel says:

      “[optional]” means the book indicates either that the part may be played on another instrument or omitted (or some of each). The instruments are in a sort of score order, as “most prominent” is somewhat subjective.

  3. Roger Grodsky says:

    I’m doing DAMN YANKEES right now. The optional instruments are all double-lined in the books for clarinet. The Reed 4 bassoon (only in “Six Months Out of Every Year”) is double-lined for bass clarinet. The listing for Reed 5 is incorrect. It’s the bassoon that’s optional (it’s double-lined for bari sax in some cases and bass clarinet in others). (If you happen to have a Reed 5 bassoon, that person can easily cover the Reed 4 bassoon, as at that point Reed 5 is on clarinet which could be moved to Reed 4.)

  4. Wes Habley says:


    Wondering how much of book 3 is oboe and how much is English Horn? Thx

    • Ian Dahlberg says:

      Am doing the show now. There’s a good amount of E.H., not so much oboe. ‘Lola’, ‘Near to you’, ‘the Game’ are all mostly E.H. Of the all the horns, oboe has the least material. All double-reed parts are double-staved with clarinet as fall back.

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