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  1. Flute, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone


  1. Bret Pimentel says:

    Added based on information submitted by Ron Nelson, obtained from Chris Reza, woodwind player in the 2015 Broadway production.

  2. Alfie says:

    Does anyone know how they’re grouped? Would love to play in it, but I don’t play clarinet. It’s turning into a real pain for most books, but my flute playing is important to me!

  3. kimbav says:

    soooo…..where’s the heat on the chair?

    • Merlin says:

      The English horn parts are exposed; it’s the first sound heard in the show, solo. Plenty of clarinet, in nice and not so nice keys. The flute parts sit well, and don’t go very high (F, IIRC).

  4. Marla Snyder says:

    Wondering the percentage of the flute part in the book. Have a player who can cover all the reed instruments, but plays limited flute. Wondering if it would be feasible to also hire a flute player. Thanks!

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