Guys and Dolls

  1. Piccolo, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone
  2. Flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, guiro
  3. Oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
  4. Flute, clarinet, bassoon, tenor saxophone
  5. Clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, claves


  1. David Benedict says:

    Oboe and English horn parts in Reed 3 are written out for clarinet too.

  2. David L says:

    The Flute part in Reed 2 are written out for clarinet too.
    There’s also only 20 measures of flute in Reed 2.

  3. Bret Pimentel says:

    Updated to reflect revised information submitted by Michael Grant. Michael indicates that all “optional” instrumentation staves have been removed.

  4. Chris Rosendale says:

    Hi Dr. Pimentel, MTI has a version of Guys and Dolls that you don’t have listed. It’s on their website entitled “Concert Version”

    I played for this 4 years ago (my recollection is a bit foggy) but I believe the double reeds in reed 3 are optional.

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