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Lion King, The

  1. Piccolo, flute, Irish [wooden] flute in E-flat, Irish [wooden] flute in E, Irish [wooden] flute in F, dizi in B [no membrane], dizi in B [with membrane], dizi in C [no membrane], dizi in high F [no membrane], bansuri in low A, panflute in C, panflute in F, panflute in G [or all the previous panflutes may be replaced with one 4-octave tunable panflute], bass panflute [toyo]
  2. Flute, clarinet, bass clarinet [to low C]


  1. Updated per information received from Steve Kujala, Reed 1 in the Los Angeles production

  2. Tom Kmiecik says:

    The Reed 2 book for this show is not used in the touring version (but it is used on Broadway and was used when I played the Las Vegas production). The book requires a bass clarinet to low C.

  3. Dawson Horey says:

    For the Bansuri in low A, does that mean the tonic is A, making it the key of E. Or does that mean key of A, making the tonic D?

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