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Producers, The

  1. Piccolo, flute, alto flute, alto saxophone
  2. Flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
  3. Flute, E-flat clarinet, clarinet, tenor saxophone
  4. Alto flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, tenor saxophone
  5. Clarinet, contrabass clarinet in E-flat, bassoon, baritone saxophone


  1. Updated per information received from Bob Gray

  2. John says:


    I’m doing an edition and it lists contra bass clarinet, and Eb contra bass…do you know if it’s just Eb or both Eb and Contra in Bb?



    • Bradley says:

      It’s listed as both but only needs Eb Contra-alto. The Bb Contrabass is scored throughout the book but is in the key of Eb and should be played on contra-alto

  3. Laura Turpen says:

    I just got the reed 5 book – both Bb and Eb contras are called for (2 songs on each).

    • Updated to reflect this. Thank you!

      • dave says:

        I played this recently. The MTI rental part is marked confusingly. Two numbers are marked “Contrabass Clarinet” and two “E-flat Contrabass Clarinet”, but ALL of it is for the E-flat contra. Nowhere is a B-flat contra mentioned.

        The part goes down to a written low E-flat (so no low-C instrument needed)

        • Bret Pimentel says:

          I have changed the listing again, at least for now, to reflect this information. Since I have gotten conflicting reports on the contrabass clarinet situation, I would welcome additional input from others who have played it.

          • Tom Kmiecik says:

            I can confirm that the Reed 5 book is all E-flat contra, even though the book isn’t clear about it and even lists “Contra Bass Eb Clarinet” and “Contra Bass Clarinet” separately on the title page. The key signatures all line up correctly for the E-flat instrument.

  4. Nick Di Scala says:

    I just did this recently as well. Tom is correct. Even though the labeling is confusing it all should be done on an Eb contralto. That would be one crazy book if it asked for both!

  5. Ron Nelson says:

    The alto flute in Reed 1 can be easily transposed to Bb clarinet. You don’t lose much in terms of timbre.

  6. Elijah Taylor says:

    Are the lead clarinet parts in Reed 2 or 3?

    • Tom Kmiecik says:

      Reed 3 has most of the lead clarinet parts throughout the show (Reed 2 is kind of flute heavy, but has a decent amount of second clarinet parts as well).

  7. Noah says:

    Does anyone know how much E flat Clarinet is in reed three? I don’t own one, so I would like to know if I have to transpose them to clarinet or rent an e flat.


    • Tom Kmiecik says:

      There’s only E-flat clarinet in half of one song (“King of Broadway”), and in the tag that comes right after it. It’s pretty high up there for transposing, though!

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