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  1. Piccolo, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, sopranino recorder
  2. Clarinet, bass clarinet [to low D-flat], tenor saxophone


  1. Bret Pimentel says:

    Added based on information received from Wayne Leechford.

  2. Jim says:

    Does the bass clarinet need to be a low C?

  3. Stephen Mann says:

    I have the rental Reed I book in front of me, and there are 4 measures of sopranino recorder in the bows music (#30). (It looks like there used to be more, because earlier in the book there is a [to RECORDER] note, but the next instrument used is piccolo.)

    • Bret Pimentel says:

      Updated to reflect this. Thanks!

    • Dave says:

      On the Broadway recording #19 “Brave Sir Robin” and the beginning of #20 “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway” are played prominently on sopranino recorder. The rental parts are marked ‘piccolo’ for these numbers, but it makes much more musical and stylistic sense to play them on recorder

  4. Elijah Taylor says:

    Is it safe to assume that the solo clarinet parts (e.g. You Won’t Succeed on Broadway) are in the Reed I book?

    • Tom Kmiecik says:

      Actually the lead clarinet parts for that particular song are in Reed 2 (1 is mostly on picc/flute for that), but the clarinet solos are kind of mixed between both books throughout the show.

  5. Steve Hanna says:

    Currently playing this. Bass does NOT have any low Cs. There are many Ds and a few Db‘s, but no C. Really this is a mostly clarinet book, with lots of altissimo work up to A. Fun show.

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