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Sweeney Todd

  1. Piccolo, flute, soprano recorder [optional], alto recorder [optional]
  2. Oboe, English horn
  3. Piccolo, flute, E-flat clarinet, clarinet
  4. Clarinet, bass clarinet
  5. Bassoon


  1. Jonathan Tunick says:

    Correct doubles for SWEENEY TODD:

    1. Flute, Piccolo, Soprano Recorder (opt) , Alto Recorder (opt)
    2. Oboe, English Horn
    3. Flute, Piccolo, Eb Clarinet, Clarinet
    4. Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
    5. Bassoon

  2. David Bullard says:

    Sept. 29, 2015
    Doing Sweeny the end of Oct.-Early Nov. and Reed I (Tunick’s Orch.) only calls for optional soprano recorder (no alto) (Act I,#14 & #16 (maybe 2 doz. bars each) not worth the trouble unless you’re a recorder fan!
    (of no particular importance, just thought I’d mention it)

    Dave B.

    • BluWacky says:

      Replying to a super-old comment, but if you ARE a recorder fan (some of us exist…) the recorder sections (which are descant/soprano only as you say) in the rental edition should be played down the octave from what’s written – it is on the original recording, and it’s not actually possible to play it as written on a recorder…

  3. Tony Park says:

    Hello! Thank you for your wonderful output to the woodwinds world. I am currently subbing in Sweeney Todd NYC at the Barrow Street Theatre. Instrumentation is Clarinet (B-flat and A), violin, and piano. Longest running Sweeney, yet! The main clarinetist at the moment is Michael Breaux (NYU faculty). This production closes at the end of next month. Mr. Sondheim has personally come three times to see the show!

  4. Dave McConaughey says:

    I played a concert performance of thus tonight on the reed 4 book, and it is riddled with note errors… including sudden key changes that no one else has, and notes that don’t even appear on the clarinet (low C#, anyone?).

    The book was pristine, so unfortunately I’m sure many other players will have to suffer through the errors before another edition is produced.

  5. Ron Nelson says:

    The 2023 revival is using this orchestration per

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