Music Man, The

  1. Piccolo, flute
  2. Oboe, English horn, clarinet
  3. E-flat clarinet, clarinet, soprano saxophone
  4. Piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet
  5. Clarinet, bassoon, baritone saxophone and/or bass saxophone


  1. Updated per information received from Jack Kissinger

  2. Paul Harris says:

    I just finished a run of the MTI version with Theatre Under the Stars in Houston. Reed 5 is double scored for bass sax and bari sax. You don’t need both. Clarinet and bassoon are as above.

  3. Luke Mankovich says:

    Could anyone tell me which book has the lead clarinet parts? I might be doing this show, and my clarinet playing isn’t so hot, so I was thinking reed IV would fit my skills best, assuming it doesn’t have too much clarinet. Also, how much flute/picc is in that book?

    • Tom Kmiecik says:

      Most of the lead clarinet parts are in Reed 3. Reed 4 has a lot of inner clarinet and bass clarinet parts in it, and there are a decent amount of flute parts in the book as well. If I remember right, I think the only piccolo part in Reed 4 was in the Bows and it wasn’t too tough. I hope that helps!

  4. Scott Porreca says:

    Just got a call for this show. Is the Eb clarinet part in reed 3 double scored? Thanks.

    • Tom Kmiecik says:

      When I did this show last fall, the Eb parts did not have an alternate staff. I think the only alternate staff in all of reed books was for the bass saxophone parts (with alternate baritone saxophone parts) in Reed 5.

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