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  1. Flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
  2. Flute, clarinet, baritone saxophone [to low A]
  3. Oboe, English horn


  1. Updated per information received from Derek Grice

  2. dave says:

    There is also an 11-piece tour version available for rental:
    reed 1: flute/clarinet/tenor sax
    reed 2: clarinet/soprano sax/baritone sax

    Also there is also a reduced 7-piece tour version:
    flute/clarinet/tenor sax

  3. SaxDoubler says:

    Reed 1 has flute and sax leads with an opportunity to improvise a little in “Rum Tum Tugger”. Flute part is exposed and quite high. Reed 2 has some easy flute parts and is almost always playing flute with Reed 1.

  4. Comments from Richard Krishnan:

    “This show DOES have low A’s written for [baritone saxophone]. Also, neither of the flute books utilize a low B extension.

    “It may also be noted, though, that in reed 1, there are a couple tenor saxophone solos that could be improvised or played as written but the written part goes up to an altissimo A-sharp.”

  5. David Benedict says:

    The UK version (published by the Really Useful Group) 16-part version is as above.
    Their 10-part version is as above minus reed 3.

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